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Electric Height Adjustable Desks

Elevating desk height has been shown to increase productivity and improve health.

Height Adjustable Desks
Elevating desk height has been shown to increase productivity and improve health.

Standing Desks

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Transform Your Office Experience with a Height Office Desk

Modern work is now faster-paced than ever before. As a result, more people are choosing to work from home. To ensure comfortable and productive workspaces, ergonomic furniture is essential.

An adjustable standing desk is one of the most popular products for creating ergonomic work environments.

Investing in an adjustable workstation will help revolutionise your workspace; switching to a height-adjustable standing desk can boost your brain to stay energised and alert. So say goodbye to the mid-day slump and hello to a more productive workday.

Experience the Benefits of Height Adjustable Desks

Electric standing desks have become a popular choice for modern workspaces due to their numerous benefits; some of the most popular ones are

Work Comfortably and in an Ergonomic Position
Our desks can be height adjustable, allowing each person to choose the perfect height. This feature benefits people who spend long hours sitting at a desk and helps prevent health problems that can arise from bad postures, such as back pain, neck pain and other disorders.

Increased Productivity
An electric desk can lead to increased productivity, as it enables users to change their posture throughout the day, reducing fatigue and improving focus; with the ability to adjust between standing and sitting postures, people remain attentive and focused, which can increase productivity levels.

Help with Wellbeing
With an electric sit-stand desk, you can improve your overall health; using an electric desk can help reduce back pain, improve posture and circulation, burn calories and mainly help fight a sedentary lifestyle.

There are also mental benefits as these desks can boost the mood by giving an energy burst, ending in more productive work performance.

Intuitive Designs with GKU

With the GKU electric height adjustable desks, you’ll find an innovative way of working; through our selection, you’ll find

Wide Range of Options
To fit different styles, sizes and budgets, our collection includes electric adjustable desks and non-electrical ones, fitting exactly what you need.

Height Adjustable Settings to Work Ergonomically
All our desks are designed to be adjustable to different heights; the electric office desks include a digital height display 6-button controller with 4 programmable memory presets, UP and DOWN buttons for any desired height.

Easy Installation
GKU Desks are made to be easily and quickly installed.

Integrated Features
The desks include integrated features to improve your work experience, from a cable tray and dual hooks to a wide space to fit everything you need.

Work Ergonomically
Our desks allow you to integrate more accessories to create a fully ergonomic experience; from Monitor Arms to Monitor Risers, you can adjust your space as you want.

30-Day Trial
At GKU, we are committed to our clients; that’s why we offer a 30 Days Free Trial and a 5-year guarantee on all parts to ensure your satisfaction is secured.

Our Story

Things to Consider Before Purchasing Height adjustable desks 

Are you aware of which desk is located and who will use it? Consider the type of user to ensure you purchase the best model. Once you have a clear picture of how your desk is used, you'll be able to come up with a list of features, so the purchasing process is much simpler. 

The purchase of height-adjustable desks is an excellent option for any office to improve performance and health and make things interesting.

 1. Height Range 

The desk height can be adjusted between a higher and lower level. The range that the desk can be moved between must be taken note of to decide if it will meet your needs. Check that the height you choose is appropriate for the person using the desk. For instance, taller people need a higher desk in standing. Ideally, the desks must be set up so that you can get the appropriate size that is comfortable for the user. A seated and ergonomic layout is the best way to prevent any long-term injuries. The range of heights for the tables we sell can be found in the product description. We suggest you take a look to see the sizes available to test out.   

2. Quality

The mechanism that adjusts the height must be constructed well. You must be able to adjust the height every day without fretting about whether the mechanism is going to wear out. Companies that are reputable, like ours, offer high-quality items, typically having multiple motors on every desk to ensure greater quality, durability, and reliability, which is a sign of a high-quality commercial product. You can be confident that our desks are constructed to last even in the most demanding commercial setting. 

A blend of commercial-grade metal and melamine is a typical material combination. Please take a look at the table once it is delivered to discover how it functions, then take a look and become familiar with all the functions.

3. Settings

Sit-to-stand adjustable height desks can be set to move to certain levels. Ensuring your ergonomics are perfect every time and not having to do it manually. This is ideal for a person using the desk and who doesn't like playing on the settings each time. 

Additionally, what features can you add to maximize the use of your desk? It could be Anti-Collision Technology which stops and reverses the motion of the workstation when an object strikes the desk. It reduces the risk of injuries or damage caused by collision with obstacles. And child safety lock that is integrated to safeguard against sudden operations. 

4. Noise

The adjustable height mechanism may be loud, which could be better when situated near other employees. The noise can cause a distraction to other office workers, so it is recommended that noisy desks be located in separate offices. We have quiet motors and electronic desks, which should not be an issue to be concerned about. 

Consider the length of time required to change the table from a sitting position to a standing position. If the speed is quick, you'll be able to alter the height frequently throughout the day. 

5. Price

Bulk Purchase? Do you require any height-adjustable desks within one box or in larger quantities? If so, you could take advantage of our discounts on bulk purchases. We have great prices when purchasing in large quantities. 

Only spend most of your money on a top-of-the-line table if you require more than one piece. To save money, consider a desk with adjustable tops that you can put on top of an existing table. They're cheaper than an entirely new desk and give you the convenience of using your desk. 

Looking to buy for a company? Contact our knowledgeable customer support at or submit the contact us page, and we'll help you find the most effective solution!

Why choose us?

We have a range of prices, and offer FREE standard shipping to all Australia locations. Check out our height-adjustable sit-stand desks for offices. We offer state-of-the-top ergonomic workstations. We go the extra mile to ensure you receive the best price value. You can maintain quality over cost. We are steadfast in our word, and we are confident we have in our products will be able to meet your expectations. We offer a 30-day trial and a 5-year guarantee on all parts. You can return the item within thirty days from the purchase date for any reason to receive a full refund. It's as easy as that!

Frequently Questions Asked

Shopping Information

How does height adjustable sit to stand desks work? 

They're tables with a height that can be altered using an electronic device. You can operate them with the touch of a button or a manual hand winder. The ease of changing heights makes it possible for anyone to use these desks, and you can change the height frequently during your work shift. 

What are the benefits of height adjustable desks? 

Standing up can help you stay away from sitting all day long, which is a significant health risk. Standing up can be more enjoyable and helps you stay active for longer.

How reliable are adjustable height desk mechanisms?

Our desk mechanism is extremely robust and comes with an extended warranty. It's rare to encounter issues as they're generally highly reliable. Still, we'll quickly get it fixed when they fail during the warranty.

Should I pick a desk or a stand?

Both are great alternatives, but you should choose stands if you're in a pinch for money. Stands are also ideal for desks you are fond of using. But desks that can be adjusted to height are ideal if you need one unit to do the task. 

Are standing desk frames strong? 

Absolutely! Our selection of standing desk frames offers the highest quality stability and endurance. The frames for standing desks also include a 5-year warranty. In case you find that your desk frame needs to meet more adequately. We'll repair it!

Are adjustable computer desks & office desks better for you?

Adjustable desks with stand-ups are much better than standard desks for office use. They could help you deal with your health problems, such as back pain, weight loss, and cholesterol. The use of standing desks may help you live longer. 

How long should you stand at a height adjustable desk?

On average, you must be at your adjustable office desk for at most 30 minutes each minute you sit at the desk. If you are working for an extended period, experts recommend that you should be standing for about 15 minutes every hour. If you are advised to sit at a height adjustable electric desk for the entire time is debatable.

What are the potential health advantages that come from sitting at a desk? 

The health advantages of adjustable height desks include: . 

Improves circulation and overall health. 
Standing desks can help you lose weight. 
Lowers blood sugar levels and decreases the chance of developing Type 2 Diabetes. 
Lowers risk of developing heart disease. 
Improves energy levels and mood. . Increases productivity.  

Do height-adjustable desks increase productivity? 

Studies have proven that those who sat at desks with a standing position had higher productivity, were relaxed, and had healthier working. The most notable results are the following: 88% per cent of people who had the adjustable workstations said they were comfortable to use. 35% reported an increase in productivity.