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Our Story

GKU was founded in 2018 by Tracy, a former office worker with a vision to transform the work environment into a more positive and healthy experience. Her mission was to find a solution to the issues faced from sitting for extended times at a traditional workspace. 

Knowing there had to be a better way to work and having had first hand experience of the debilitating effects of sitting for long periods at a stretch, Tracy embarked on her journey to learn all she could about ergonomic office furniture and how best to apply these principles here in Australia. After two years of research and development, sourcing the best options on the market, GKU was born, providing cutting edge, scientific designs with excellent performance and improved work efficiency. 

Tracy named GKU after family members and this reminder of family has kept her energised and motivated to create a business focussed on optimising the work environment and promoting all round physical good health. 

With humble beginnings starting, GKU has grown to be a successful and independent brand. It is a one-stop shop providing a range of workplace solutions that offer a better working experience and a more productive day.